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Portion of an open letter to the British Parliamentarians who support the British Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Hon. William Hague

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To: Hon.Henry Bellingham MP
RT Hon.David Lidington MP
Hon. Jeremy Browne MP
Hon. Alistair Burt MP
Hon. Lord Green of Hurstpierpoint
Hon. Lord Howell

Sir: I would like to apologize to you for my ignorance of not knowing where to send my concerns about Somalia. I have been trying to find out people whom I can share my thoughts with about Somalia where the people have been suffering since 1991. I found out that you are important Honourables who support your Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Commonwealth Affairs, Hon. William Hague, in the decision making in the Foreign Affairs of UK and that some of you might be involved in the upcoming Conference on Somalia. I am an independent thinker. I hate seeing innocent people dying every day with no reason at all. I would like to send you my ideas about Somalia in case it might benefit for those who are in the Conference on Somalia.

Following the information about Somalia attached herewith, I would like to add my view on the Somali Conference on February 23rd, 2012 and the road map for the unity of Somalia that can lead the country to democracy and peace. Britain and Italy were the last colonial powers in Somalia and the first countries to know the history and politics of Somalia. The present political circumstance is far from reaching a deal. The whole country is divided into tribal regions that have special circumstances and interests in the politics and power.

For instance, in the northern part of Somalia (previously British Somaliland Protectorate) there are multiple tribes with different interests in the political arena. There are Gadaboursi in the far west ( Awdal Region ), the Isaaq in the centre, and the Dhulbahante and Warsangali in the East. As of today both the Gadaboursi and Dhulbahante have formed their regional states called Awdalstate and Khaatumo State respectively. The reason for the formation of the political factions is because the control of Somaliland is stolen by the Isaak clan which is the minority in the Somaliland population. Every Government Institution is under the control of Isaak. Today, there are civil wars going on in the eastern part of Somaliland and there are many deaths from the Dhulbahante and Isaak. Gadaboursi is also randomly killed by the neighbouring Isaaks.

In Southern Somalia, There have been civil wars since the departure of the dictator.  Islamists and terrorists have incited animosity and human suffering. There have been many instances that free world has tried to help and formed temporary Governments which have never functioned. The division of power is based on baseless and unconfirmed statistics and ratios.
During my life time in sixty years and over, there was no fair power-sharing in Somalia in general and in Somaliland in particular. What is happening today will never be better unless a foreign intervention takes place. Both Britain and Italy know about this fact.

Britain is leading the Somali Conference on Feb.23, 2012. I believe that Conference will not succeed if Britain and others would not put pressure on Somalis. There is no good politics in Somalia. Every clan has a Sultan and a Chief and some self-served politicians who all enjoy and benefit from the suffering of Somali people. I won’t go into details of something that many of Britain’s politicians know about. However, I would like to add my vision for greater Somalia. Somalia would only be a democratic and civil country if and only if Western Powers study the situation with the consultation of those Somali people who care about the human dignity and the power of democracy. Some sort of a power must be used in order to force the war lords to succumb.

Somalia would be better off if Federalism is applied. There were 18 recognized regions by the United Nations. In every region there is only one particular tribe or tribes. Somali people believe in tribalism and without it most of the Somalis would have perished from self-inflicted wounds. Every Somali has sought refuge in where his/her clan is abundant in order to survive. Today every region is solely for a particular tribe or a clan. Power-sharing can only be possible if Federalism is not applied to its max. If every region is not given the authority and security of its region, Federalism will also fail. The map below which is based on the 18 regions recognized by the UNITED NATIONS is the closest resolution to the Somali problems. Those regions and its peoples will get peace and prosperity in Federalism.

The MAP below is the only map the United Nations works on and believes in

Please excuse me if I become an intruder because I do not know where to turn. I am powerless like any other Somali. Many Somalis will laugh at me if I discuss such issues with them but it is the practicality of the situation. Thank you for your time and taking those recommendations to your people who are facilitating the Somali Conference.
Mohamed Ali

Ottawa, Canada

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NP: This is part of a document sent to those honourables and those who are facilitating the Conference on Somalia on Feb 23rd, 2012