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We all know the suffering and death encountered...

 BY Mohamed musa


We all know the suffering and death encountered by the Isaaq. We are a witness of the genocide against Isaak and nobody would deny the magnitude of the disaster they encountered. They endured and overcame the terrible war. However, causing other people to go through the same kind of treatment was an insult and still is to those who fought for their freedom. There is no doubt that the old regime of Somalia has caused them to flee their homeland and die in foreign lands. However, they are causing time and again the same brutality and unfairness and a lot of pain on their brethren forgetting that they had been through it.

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My Dilla,Gorayo Awl Travel Nightmare By Noah


Ten days ago this week, a close friend and relative of mine told me he was traveling to Borama to join his family. Then I asked him who was taking him. And he said “I will catch a bus or will go with friends.” And since I have all the free time in Hargeisa, I thought it would be inconsiderate of me not to help. So, I decided to take him in my Toyota Mark II car which is of course a great car when it is in city streets.


However, I had not been on Hargeia-Borama roads driving for decades but had of course seen many people coming from Borama almost on daily basis. And though I heard a lot of complaints about road Dilla-Gorayo Awl conditions, I did not give much attention to that.


So, at exactly 1:00pm, we left Hargeisa and it took us only an hour to reach the neglected but historic town of Dilla, the birth place of Somalil co-education, which is today no more than a ghost town.


During our journey, we rarely noticed the hour-long time because with not much worry about road conditions, we were rejoicing the company, fully absorb, laughing, chatting, singing and occasionally reminding each other of the hey days of that part of this country when farm produce was abundant, livestock was fleshy, fat and plenty and the youth both men and women often danced the rhythmic dhanto and the xoogweyn on festivals on broad day light and of course without any worries of any possible interventions from the Grand muftis of the day who always saw that literally as nothing more than a sinless youth self entertainment to dispose off their innate youth energy.


True, there were many stories to recall, and many things to rejoice and the emotion rousing sights of the area hills and valleys which seemed to leave you with lasting memories, of the golden days of drums and the great nights of lightening, were certainly ones to behold!


But as soon as we passed Dilla, our driving nightmare started to unfold as the road turned ugly, rough and bumpy. And just after Tulli, we heard a loud noise and an unusual heavy car jerk coming from the left rear of my car. In fact, it was so loud that we thought we ran into a road bomb and so shocked, we stopped to check.


When we did, what we saw was ugly….one of my car rear tires busted and shattered into bits and pieces thanks but no thanks to the sharp knife-like rocks that literally make the whole roadway a waste land. So, we had to remove and replace it with my doughnut spare tire and resume the journey.


But worried of what might come next, we had to drive as slow as a snail. In fact, we tiptoed from rock to rock for the rest of the journey and finally reached Borama at exactly 7:00pm; had dinner at Rays Hotel…. That means our journey took 6 hours; nearly five of them between Dilla to Gorayo Awl


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Poverty in Africa is not as a result of Population growth, but is as a result of poor planning with bad African Government Leadership.

My Dear People, this is what I have to say. International community must understand that African leaders is a sleek master planner who knows how to intimidate and deprive people from their rights more specifically their targets are greater people of poor. They want to be a King amongst the poor of the poor so they can control the people, Wealth. For example, that Somalia leaders enjoys seeing people suffering engulfed with poverty all around Somalia. You can imagine what type of a leadership they are. I don’t know how those leadership supporters can be defined, but I know our African current leadership can be the worse leader ever known in the world.
We cannot look yonder while answers of corruption and incompetency is right before our nose. It is not just our business peoples, problem with a leader is larger than what people know on the surface. Corrupted leader is destroying, exterminating and extinguishing the whole of Africa and Somalian Community in slow death bead pushing them in deeper poverty situation using their unscrupulous business connection and network interest. This begs for more scrutiny of clinical surgery in the matter.
Poverty in Africa is not as a result of Population growth, but is as a result of poor planning with bad African Government Leadership. Marginalization, Power and Control, Corruption, Graft and Impunity is the killer of African Sustainable Development. It is a pathetic system that puts wealth in a few pockets of friends with their agents, leaving the majority with no employment or means for survival. It is as a result of corrupting public resources and diverting them to personal and family with closely knit friends of politically correct. Poverty, Draught and Hunger did not suddenly come into existence, but was systematically organized by corrupt unscrupulous politicians. This is the reason why an overhaul change must take effect in Somaliland/Somalia to disorganize their network and connections.
Somalianpeople is a victim they has been devoured by their leadership scheme of man eat man society.This is how our current leader finishes their prey. I am going to dig deeper than episode and bring more that to the surface. It is because these are signs of things to come and we cannot afford to keep quiet, desperate circumstances need desperate measures and urgent actions. Mr. Siilaanyo , our sea and land resources are these public community resources or personal family wealth? Who is Siilaanyo and his ministries fooling. They are definitely in politics not to serve public but has personal and family interest with those of their cohort, the cartels of the unscrupulous International Special Interest. Nothing happens without a reason.
This is the reason Prisident Siilaanyo, and our MP do not want to amended our unfinished Constitution as is. the reason they sneaks behind others and the truly does not want Devolution of power to be handed over to public. He is an expansionist trying to accumulate public wealth to them self and their family. He has colluded, connived and conspired to defraud public whom they took oath to serve faithfully and protect. We demand for justice.We want problem of poverty, corruption, impunity, graft with other crime and violation of Human Rights documented and put in public for all to see, we want statements of facts how donor funds have been utilized in funding these programs, we want to know who benefited and who did not and why.!
We want to know who is responsible and or participated in colluding and/or conspired for Human loses, pain and sufferings driving poverty in Somaliland as well as Somalia; Without which, the country is falling into anarchy, and we will not sit back and watch.You cannot put a lion to watch over a goat or a lamb, knowing so well that, before you know it, the goat and lamb will have been consumed. These are problems we must fix to avoid repetition of the same from any quarters if our destiny, future for our children mean anything to us.
We want investigation to give report on who is eating what and from where, who is responsible for the poverty explosion in Somaliland/Somalia and generally in Africa specifically so when funds were made available. Where has these funds disappeared to. These are public taxpayer money and we demand for answers. Diaspora is not just a name that can be contained in an enclosure, it Represents Broader Diversity of Opinion with critical thinking that are necessary to provide solution in such cases as these. When Somaliland Government begins to engage, the doors are open to all without discrimination, and once the doors are open, they cannot be closed. We will engage and demand for fact finding justified transparency and accountability, and this is what I demand for, expecting an early response.
How and where did the somaliland President  Siilaanyo Government get money in millions to pay personal use, and leaving the local poor to die from hunger and poverty. If taxpayer money was not unconstitutionally short-changed or corrupted. Where do they get all the money they carelessly spent and paid for Ministers and Permanent Secretaries to Hoover around overseas in matters of insignificant that can be resolved through a phone call away..........can these funds be accounted for.? How could Siilaanyo, Ministries put up a multi-million housing overseas if it is not public money mismanaged and utilized while the poor are dying from poverty and draught. Where is the justification..?
With this kind of concern, we demand that the UN, Leaders of the World, World Bank, IMF, the African Development Bank, with other Islamic Country who Support somaliland/somalia like a KUWIT with other related International Financial Institutions, as well as Friends and Sympathizers, we appeal that funds should not be disbursed to Somaliland/somalia before the above facts are made public so people can get fully committed to the realistic cause of sustainable Partnership engagement in Africa. The engagement must be supported by constitutional policy where measurable results are used to manage successful development programs without being shortchanged or corrupted by politically correct personalities.
This is a situation if not watched carefully and resolved urgently, have reached a tipping point, a situation which can easily spiral out of control just like situation in other Corrupted African country. Many Somaliland people are angry and frustrated to the limit from excessive pain and sufferings, people already know their sufferings are created by Politicians crave for Control and Power, while these unscrupulous leaders are busy engaging in multiplier of more schemes to take away and destroy the society.
Time has come that things must be done differently to save a bad situation gone  nuts. I hope to hear early and urgent response from the Authorities.
Maxamed-Amiin Dahir Caynaanshe
Columbus Oh, Usa


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An Open Letter to Professor Suleiman and Amoud Alumni Association

Dear professors Suleiman, please accept my best regards and congratulations towards the fantastic job that you and your team always pursue in the University.  After that, I would like to mention how I’m so amazed, to see the beautiful and the well-equipped current campus; the other day of my revisit.This is an image which is really opposite to the pass one. Having seen this attractive campus has automatically, activated my past memories up and thus conceived to discuss a couple of issues concerning about my special feelings, which I must submit here as well as to leave a message to anyone who always concerns the University wellbeing.

Since I’m hearing some different messages, those are coming from in my previous Amoud experience-to those reflecting and reminding my classmates and me, the long journey that we took, It became necessary to point out how it was rough to deal with or eliminate the bad impact and rumors which existed among the society whom we used to live with and daily interact at that time. Because people were wondering how this idea of opening a University would work, since the whole schooling system has been absent so long and collapsed completely. And the debate could be worse sometimes when they insist their bad impression towards it. But we never pay any attention, since we adopted a new way of life which difference than others- to prove it, we decided to ignore any kind of setbacks and just let our ears to hear some exciting and entertaining news from others, since we want to succeed for our mission, we choose to seek motivations, rather than disappointment.

As we all know, we were a group of students, who were very unique and committed to pave the bumpy road, believing with, that there was a rough road ahead which is winding but carries fruitful future advantages for all,to the local communities, to the country and the Horn in general.One of the main reasons I’m posting this article is to echo, and remind the others how it was rough to study here in the previous years, according to the shortage of books, seats, and the scarcity of water, and the electricity which we used to enjoy throughout the years of our studying period as the first batch. All though nothing comes easy but lucky enough, we were all successful.

There is no doubt that we turned on a fully lighting candle which cannot be turned off. However this was an expensive experience, which we always live with and proud of, where ever we are. The purpose behind addressing these difficult circumstance of teaching methods or study,that we have had at that time, is to let the others (current& future students) to know how lucky they are, but most importantly,is to leave a piece of information to any uninformed groups of people or individuals how hard we have worked that mission out!.

In addition to that, it came in to my mind to mention, that your tangible community input cannot be said in words, but deserve a meaning full historic element to be especially built for you, by the stakeholders as a memorial. Today, I will not be reluctant to put forward my initiative towards building and architecting a true monument which comes under your name, while you are alive, not when you die.

The purpose is to get a symbol that represent or stands the specific hard work that you have done and achieved throughout the years of your leadership. On the other hand, it will be a living sample of measurement which might be based on any future and present activities that may be carried out by the University leaders. I would like to assure or point out, that the future generations should read your name( Pro.S.A.Guleid) as everyone now reads, picture taken and watches the famous stone named by C.V.Obells’ that’s laid by him under the wall in 1952, which is clearly visible while heading to the main office.

There will be a fallow up plans and proposals concerning about laying a strong foundation of the above mentioned task and will be funded internally, not externally. What do I mean internally? I mean, all Amoud alumni students will be invited for this project first and then, teachers. So, these kinds of activities will reciprocal a way to recall the Amoud family different groups, such as the first donors, community leaders, drivers, teachers and the respected students from 1997 up to present. Especially those who pioneer and devoted their time and energy to turn the University dream in to a reality one. Because this kind of new opinion has been circulating around only in the minds of a few people those has been also lacking enough support in the public eye at that time.Therefore, we decided to prove it, as we did it  successfully. Thanks to the almighty.

This first group also deserves a special recognition since we know that they played a major role for this history making, though the history repeats itself, but cannot be lightly taken in anyway, since they are the potential-present teachers as well as leaders. And they themselves have to recognize that they have an everlasting role to play, where ever they are when it comes to contribution. And I believe that the first role we are required for is to connect and set up an effective communication network channels that ought, to unite all Amoud Alumni to payback it something in return.

And that’s the only way as Amoud product can exercise feasibly and may represent a good example to fallow by others, as well as to show, how we are willing to lead and committed to make some changes i.e.

Idea sharing.

Initiating an empirical development action towards the society: - which includes eliminatingthe bad attitudes among the society into better ones.

We will enlighten the dark edges and barriers among the people and can let them know also, that there is a better way of living and governing system ahead that is must to targetand reachable in the future; but achievable only through trust and respect among each other.Being the first class, we put forward and registered an Alumni association, soon after we’ve graduated from Amoud University-knowing that, it was necessary to establish it but has been paid less interest so many years. Nevertheless, we want to refresh it now, since it is the only unique way that can bring the long separated family together again.

On the other hand, I want to encourage all different graduates from the university, to keep this upcoming family re-union in mind and spare some time and energy for this getting together cession which is planned to be held at Amoud main hall of conferences by unscheduled time yet, but shall be announced later officially. And possibly; may be held annually. These intellectually, revised proposals could be amended through under group discussion, because discussions are the core values and guidelines that this entity belongs. The results or the outcome of this meeting will be handed out and submitted to the main beneficiaries.

By the way, these above rose and discussed point of issues, cannot be possible or productive enough unless receiving a sincere tangible support from the administration in terms of, ideologically acceptance and facilitation wise. Therefore, we are appealing to the executives to show and give a healthy, and friendly working co-operation with the Alumni, so we can all benefit from that easily.

Illustrated by the First Amoud Student Chairman.

Abdullahi M. Horri

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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The Debate Is Between Ainashe & Mini- Ainashe

The debate i have initiated is getting more sober, objective and academic and

The Debate Is Between Ainashe & Mini- Ainashe.

Ainashe..Q..At least you will appreciate that you needed not to think
traditionally in addressing the issue? 

Mini-Ainashe.A. I wonder if there's modern vs traditional thinking - and which
of the two could be more meaningful and how does that thinking translate into
operationalizable concepts. For instance, does it need traditional or modern
thinking to count the number of ghettoes which have electricity in Hargeisa? To
count the number of children who drink dirty/sewage water every day in Hargeisa,
Buro, Boorama, Berbera, and every where in the country? To count the number of
mothers who die every year while giving birth for lack of Hospital and
healthcare? To count the number, if any, of paved roads in All Somaliland city?.

Ainashe, Q. Let me just ask you to tell the public what the 'development'
records of the past and present presidents of Somaliland were before they came
to office

Mini-Ainashe A..(Siilaanyo, Riyaale, A/rahman Tuur and Cigaal had poor
development record - Also it's the very reason we can't afford to put Dr.
Gaboose, Musse Bixi, Mohamed hashi,Warancade,. in office to continue the same
mess of their predecessors).

Ainashe..Q,. What standards for 'development' are you referring to?

Mini-Ainashe.A..Better roads, clean water,Hospital's better living system,
education, social amenities, electricity, phones, sewerage systems, free
enterprise, land reform, economic growth and development, human rights and
freedoms, rule of law, no corruption, better public service, security et all -
in short, all the things which Siilanyo has failed to do in Somaliland in this

Ainashe..Q..Who had set the standards for measuring those 'development' records?

Mini-Ainashe..A.. ( Constitution/Parliament and Elected Government and the
people of  Somaliland)

Ainashe,.Q..What metrics were used for their measurements?

Mini-Ainashe.A.(It's not about which measure we use to determine Siilanyo and
his government’s development record in the Country. There's no development to
measure so far).

Ainashe.Q..Are the same standards of development records used for the past and
present president similar to the ones you are using for the PM?

Mini-Ainashe..A..(In terms of our country Constituency, there's no development
to measure so we can't set standards to measure "development" which does exist.
On the same note, we can't compare non-existent development to any other
development that exists anywhere else.

Ainashe..Q..How are those development records comparable to that of the PM?

Mini-Ainashe..A..(Once more, in terms of Riyaale and Siilaanyo has done nothing.
It'd be appropriate to measure an existent thing).

Ainashe..Q..Just to give you some ideas : what development concepts and theories
have you embraced in your reference to development?

Mini-Ainashe..A..(once again, it's not concepts and theories that measure
development. We physically check if there is a road, electricity, drinking
water, a school, garbage disposals, cleanliness, hospitals etc. I mean when you
speak of development, it must translate into better life of the people of
Somaliland and all the region. In other words, how has the life of the people in
Somaliland improved in the 20 years that Riyaale and Cigaal and Siilaanyo, has
been their constituency president?

Mini-Ainashe..A..If we used theories and concepts, then there's development in

Ainashe..Q..Do you have a blue print for the development plans for Somaliland

Mini-Ainashe..A..(This question is better directed at Dr.Gaboose and Maxamed
Hashi . Yet if I were the MP for 20 years, I'd not only have a blue-print but
also transform that huge slum into a liveable environment).

Ainashe .Q..What planning/evaluative frameworks have they used for their
constituency development?

Mini-Ainashe..A.(Again, Somaliland/People hasn't seen development of any kind -
so there hasn't been any planning to predispose any evaluative framework).

Ainashe..Q..Tell us how their achievements compare to your standards?
Mini-Ainashe(Again, you can't compare something which does not exist to any
known standards).

Ainashe..Q..How have human resource availability, social, cultural, political,
ecological and historical constraints impacted Somaliland Constituency

Mini-Ainashe..A..(In the sense that the Parliament and ministries and privete
Business owner/CEO and the president Siilanyo, has been a toothless hence no
measurable productivity in Somaliland. With an MP who has no organizational
skills to impact credible developmental action, no societal constraints can be
overcome. It's time to change that manager or better retire them all).

Ainashe..Q..In the real world, is Somaliland people or  electorates in the best
position to judge the suitability of the PM. 


Ainashe..Q..Or any other political candidate for occupation of a somaliland MP
office or Office of the President of somaliland?


Ainashe..Q..Is it not a case of promoting corruption in justifying the dangling
of development projects by millionaire endowed politicians to conquer and
exploit the public?

Mini-Ainashe..A..There's no point to respond to here - you need to be clear)

Ainashe..Q. You should realize that in developed democracies, campaign and funds
for development are regulated by law to avoid politicians bidding and buying
power for personal ends?

Mini-Ainashe..A(I don't see how this affects Siilanyo  or anyone ability or
inability to initiate development projects in KKKK..et).

Ainashe..Q..There are hundreds of ways in which your hardwork can be
demobilized, friend, for reasons of objectivity if not otherwise

Mini-Ainashe..A. (This is a case of lingua-circumlocution, struggling to use
words without allowing the free flow of your argument to be graduated with
practical points).

Amiin Dahir Caynaanshe



Caynaanshe <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

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