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UNHCR returns nearly 62,000 Somali refugees from Kenya

NAIROBI, The UN refugee agency said Tuesday it has repatriated some 61,665 Somali refugees in Kenya since the return exercise begun in December 2014.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said in its bi-weekly Update released in Nairobi that some 1,836 refugees were supported to return to their home in Somalia in the past ten days.

The UN agency said 22,351 out of 61,665 refugees were supported in 2017 alone, adding that 20,991 refugees are currently being registered for voluntary repatriation.

"Road convoys to Somalia are suspended due to the heavy rains in Dadaab area of operation and some parts of Somalia. UNHCR Somalia and its partners are closely monitoring the accessibility of roads in the twelve designated return areas," it said.

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UNICEF seeks to immunize 30,000 Somali children against measles

MOGADISHU,  (Xinhua) -- The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and its partners on Tuesday kicked off an emergency campaign to immunize 30,000 children against measles in Baidoa, one of the hardest-hit areas in southern Somalia.

Steven Lauwerier, UNICEF's Representative in Somalia said the children, many of them displaced by a searing drought, have never been immunized before and come from remote areas. Health workers often cannot reach because of a decades-old conflict that has ravaged the impoverished country in the Horn of Africa.

"The only way to prevent sickness and death from measles is to make sure all children receive the vaccine," Lauwerier said in a statement issued in Mogadishu.

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Four Al-Shabaab militants executed by firing squad in Somalia

MOGADISHU,   -Somalia's military court on Monday executed four Al-Shabaab suspects for carrying out attacks in the town of Baidoa, the administrative capital of southwest state in Somalia.

Court officials said the militants were found guilty of being behind twin attacks at a restaurant and a market in Baidoa town on February 28, 2016 where 80 people were killed and 45 others injured.

"The court carried out death penalties to four Al-Shabaab militants who organized and performed twin terrorist attacks in Baidoa town last year that left 80 people dead and 45 others injured," Deputy prosecutor Mumin Hussein Abdulahi told reporters.

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Multi-national navies join latest Somalia counter piracy exercises

COMBIINED MARITIME FORCES -- Ships and aircraft from four nations of the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) have conducted an advanced Counter Piracy Validation Exercise (CPVE) 20 Apr 17 under the direction of the Commander Combined Task Force 151 (CCTF 151).

The exercise took place in the Gulf of Aden (GOA), adjacent to the Internationally Recommended Transit Corridor (IRTC), demonstrating the task force’s professional and highly effective capability.
The activities reassured crews of merchant vessels and fishing fleets and communities in the vicinity – particularly pertinent after recent piracy attacks in the region.

The Japanese Maritime Self Defence Force (JMSDF) ship Teruzuki and P-3 Maritime Patrol Aircraft, the Republic of Korea Navy ship Choi Young, the US Navy ship Carter Hall, and the UK Royal Navy ship HMS Monmouth conducted a variety of training evolutions that reinforced collective tactics, procedures and quick information sharing designed to deter, deny and suppress piracy in the region.

Activities included boarding exercises from Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIBs) on to participating warships, designed to hone skills and inspire confidence of interoperability, teamwork and collective effectiveness against pirates.

Commander CTF 151, Rear Admiral Tatsuya Fukuda JMSDF, said:

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US will not fight piracy in Somalia, Defense Secretary Mattis says

Senior U.S. officials informed the public during news conference in the East African nation of Djibouti Sunday that piracy was on the rise off the coast of Somalia, but added that the U.S. was not yet considering to undertake special measures.

U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis' visit to the U.S. military base in Djibouti was the first time that a high-ranking U.S. official of the Trump administration had visited Africa, according to Washington Post.

Mattis said that there had been an uptick in piracy during the past months, but that he believed this increase did not yet require any significant U.S. involvement, adding that civilian mariners and shipping companies should be on alert.

Mattis came to Djibouti on the grounds of strengthening binational relations with Eastern African countries and increasing the cooperation in the field of security operations.

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