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At Least 6 Killed in Inter-Clan Clashes in Central Somalia

At least six people were killed and nine others injured when rival clan militias clashed in central Somalia, residents and community elders said on Saturday.

The militiamen belonging to the Air and Duduble sub-clans started fighting early Saturday morning in Labi-Aano village, 45 km east of Dhuusamareeb. The fight is over a dispute and clan vendetta.

"So far we know that six people died in the hostilities between the clans and more than nine others were injured,

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British, UN leaders to address Somalia humanitarian crisis

Mattis praised the African Union peacekeeping mission in Somalia, saying the African Union Mission in Somalia troops have done a good job in a hard position.

According to a USA defence official, the Pentagon now has several hundred troops stationed in Somalia, primarily devoted to counter-terror training.

Partly as a result of that, a range of regional forces including clan militias, the Ethiopia-backed Ahlu Sunnah Wal Jamea militia, the USA -supported Puntland forces and a regional force in Jubaland have been reluctant to join a centralised force. You have encouraged us in our mission – to provide quality news and watchdog journalism. The mission was aborted after the troops came under fire from Al-Shabab; Milliken was killed, while two other US personnel were injured.

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London summit tries to fill $900 million humanitarian need for Somalia

from Department for International Development
Somalia has made significant progress in recent years towards peace, stability and prosperity. With the election of new national leadership, Somalia now has an unprecedented opportunity to consolidate these gains and accelerate progress towards the country’s long-term recovery.

This New Partnership for Somalia (NPS) sets out how Somalia and the international community will work together to meet Somalia’s most pressing political, security and economic needs and aspirations, as set out in the National Development Plan (NDP).

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Dilla: 'if we don't help the people here, they will die'

Dead goats in drought-stricken Somaliland (photo: Arndt Peltner)

DILLA-The drought facing several African countries is escalating, about 20 million people need food aid. The situation is especially dire in the Somaliland and Puntland regions in the Horn of Africa. Arndt Pelter reports.
Tents in Uskure in Puntland (photo: Arndt Peltner)
Tents in Uskure in Puntland (photo: Arndt Peltner)
Ahmed Hurre Diiriye is standing on a dried up land close to the town of Dilla in Western Somaliland. The head of a local drought committee points to a dozen dead goats on the ground. Some carcasses have started to rot.

"If we don't help the people here, they will die as well," Diiriye said.

The goats belonged to Sahra Hwadle Haji. "I came here five months ago. I've fled together with my family and my cattle to escape from the drought in the eastern region. I used to have 500 cattle, now I only have 30 left," the 45-year old told DW.

Somaliland is just one of the regions in the Horn of Africa that's been battling famine. In 1991, the former British colony declared independence from Somalia, but the small state is still not recognized by the international community. Somalialand depends on the money it gets from the Somali diaspora. Without the money the hunger crisis would probably be even worse.

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Somalia and Its Backers Seek Security Pact to Beef up Army

By Estelle Shirbon

LONDON (Reuters) - Somalia's government and its foreign backers said on Thursday they were hammering out a plan to try and strengthen the army to take over the fight against al Shabaab militants from over-stretched African Union troops.

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May told a London conference the scheme would aim to unite Somalia's main army with a range of regional forces based across the divided and chaotic territory.

The African Union troops have clawed back most of Somalia's main towns and cities from al Shabaab since they helped drive the Al Qaeda-linked insurgents out of the capital Mogadishu in 2010.

But the soldiers from Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda and other states are due to start leaving in 2018 - and the Islamist militants still manage to launch regular deadly attacks in the capital and beyond.

"Al Shabaab has tripled its attacks on Mogadishu, and Somali forces do not yet have the capability to take over control of their own security," May said in opening remarks.

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