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Qatar fights siege with bling and bravado

Among the crowds in Doha’s fake souk, the main concern is which cafe to gather in after breaking the Ramadan fast and which air-­conditioned mall to head to for designer-label shopping.

Filipinos scurry around with dustpans and brushes to ensure not a speck of dust disturbs the long white jalabiya robes worn by Qatari men, while the occasional popping sound is not gunfire but the engine roar of Lamborghinis and Maseratis on the five-lane highways in Qatar’s capital.

“We’re chilled,” said Mohammad Ali Osman, a geography teacher whose shiny tomato red GMC Sierra truck is so new its seats are still in plastic covers.

The only outward sign that anything is amiss in the country, the world’s wealthiest per capita, are empty shelves in the chicken section of Spinneys supermarket and the Turkish milk that has replaced the usual Saudi products.

Behind the bling and bravado, however, this is a country under siege. The tiny Arab peninsula ­nation was cut off by its neighbours in a dramatic air, land and sea blockade imposed at dawn on Monday, its British-educated emir accused by fellow Gulf rulers of arming and financing Islamist terrorist groups.

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Somalia: Landlocked Ethiopia Eyes Role in DP World-Managed Somali Port

Ethiopia is in talks to acquire shares in a joint venture involving DP World Ltd. that will manage a port in northern Somalia, a Somali official said, a move that could give the fast-growing yet landlocked Horn of Africa economy its first stake in foreign docks.

Somaliland, a semi-autonomous territory that aspires to statehood, has agreed “in principle” to give Ethiopia a 19 percent share in the venture administering Berbera port, according to Foreign Minister Saad Ali Shire. Somaliland’s government and Dubai-based DP World, which has a 30-year concession to manage and develop the facility, will be the majority shareholders in Somaliland-registered DPW Berbera, he said in an interview.

If Ethiopia takes its share, Somaliland will hold 30 percent of the company, while DP World will have 51 percent, according to Shire. Berbera sits on the Gulf of Aden, a waterway that leads to the Red Sea and Suez Canal, and is also where Somaliland says the United Arab Emirates is leasing a military airport that may be expanded into a naval facility.

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Qatar Charity distributes food parcels to thousands of Somali drought-affected families

REPORT from  Qatar Charity

QC has implemented a full-scale relief project to distribute dry rations, benefiting thousands of drought-affected families in different parts of Somalia.

Food parcels were distributed to 4633 families in a number of areas of Somalia. Each parcel consists of 25 kg of rice, 25 kg of sugar, 25 kg of flour, 6 liters of oil, 2.5 kg of milk powder, and 2 kg of dates.

Timely Assistance

Mr. Faisal Al-Fahida, QC's EDO, said that QC continues to provide assistance to drought-affected areas in Somalia. With the holy month of Ramadan approaching, it has implemented a number of relief projects including the distribution of dry rations to thousands of drought-affected families.

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14 killed as soldiers clash over drought food aid in Somalia

Fourteen people, mostly civilians, are dead after soldiers clashed over food aid in Somalia's south western city of Baidoa, police say.

Col Isaq Hassan says the fighting erupted at a distribution site after some soldiers tried to steal food meant for refugees and other soldiers guarding it stopped them.

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At least 70 killed in al-Shabab attack on Somalia military base

MOGADISHU, Somalia Heavily armed al-Shabab extremists have stormed a military base in Somalia's semiautonomous state of Puntland, killing close to 70 people and wounding dozens more, officials said Thursday. Residents said civilians, including women, were beheaded during the rampage.

Officials called it the region's deadliest attack in years, highlighting the twin challenges facing security forces from the al-Qaida-linked al-Shabab and the growing presence of fighters linked to the Islamic State group.

The attack began with a blast at the remote Af-Urur camp, roughly 100 kilometers (62 miles) west of the commercial hub of Bossaso, before the extremists overran the base and killed soldiers at close range, said Ahmed Mohamed, a senior military official.

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