updated 7:33 AM MST, Nov 17, 2017

EU launches € 10m reintegration and better migration projects in Somalia

KISMAYU, April 3 - Today, Somali authorities and the European Union launched two projects in Kismayu that are part of the EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa designed to address the challenges of mixed migration, aspects of stability and reintegration of returnees to contribute to better migration management in Somalia.

The event was witnessed by H.E. Mohamed Sayid, Jubaland Deputy President and the EU Head of Cooperation in Somalia Ms Pilar Palmero who were joined by representatives from the National Government and South West State in the launch of the two projects: Facilitating Sustainable Return through Laying Foundation for Somalia in the Horn of Africa (FLASH) and Enhancing Somalia’s Responsiveness to the management and reintegration of mixed migration flow (REINTEG-UNHCR).

The projects will be implemented in close collaboration with Somali authorities by the International Organization of Migration (IOM) and UN Refugee Agency UNHCR and will address migration and reintegration related issues in a holistic manner including addressing policy and governance aspects as well as bridging the gaps in the delivery of basic services in education, health and market services. Target areas for this particular project include Jubaland, Southwest State and Mogadishu.

“The EU is a strong supporter of Somalia and under the EU Trust Fund for Africa FLASH and REINTEG-UNHCR for a total amount of € 10m were among the first projects approved in 2016. This shows that Somalia is a priority country for us. Midowga Yurub waa saxibka iyo caawiyaha joogtada ah ee Soomaaliya (The EU is Somalia's closest friend and supporter)” stated Ms Pilar Palmero, EU Head of Cooperation.

In order to facilitate mobility of government staff, after the projects launch, the EU handed over three vehicles to the Government of Jubaland.

“The EU is our main supporter in Somalia and we can never thank them enough. Migration and reintegration are two critical challenges Somalia is facing and we are delighted for the two projects tailored to address these complex crises faced by both Jubaland and the rest of Somalia,” Mahamud Sayid, Deputy President of Jubaland said.