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EUCAP Nestor last press release: EUCAP Nestor renamed as EUCAP Somalia - New Website

February 28th 2017
EUCAP Nestor renamed as EUCAP Somalia – New website
On March 1
st EUCAP Nestor, the European Union Maritime Capacity Building Mission to
Somalia, will be renamed “EUCAP Somalia”, the EU Capacity Building Mission in Somalia.
A Council decision published on December 12th2016 on the Official Journal of the European
Union, states in article 1, EUCAP Somalia has been established as a Capacity Building Mission in
The operational “switch-over” to the new Mission’s name is now taking place.
For the occasion, a redesign of the Mission's Website has been launched under www.eucapsom.eu.
All past content from www.eucap-nestor.eu has been migrated and will be accessible on the
new site.
EUCAP Somalia operates under a new, broadened civilian maritime security mandate.
With an active presence in Mogadishu, Hargeisa (Somaliland) and Garowe (Puntland), EUCAP
Somalia works to strengthen Somali capacity to ensure maritime security, carry out fisheries
inspection and enforcement, ensure maritime search and rescue, counter smuggling, fight
piracy and police the coastal zone on land and at sea. 
EUCAP Nestor renamed as EUCAP Somalia
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EUCAP Somalia
Press and Public Information Office
EU Capacity Building Mission in Somalia (EUCAP Somalia)
International Campus, Mogadishu International Airport,
Mogadishu, Somalia
Somalia’s mobile +252 699012497
Kenya’s mobile: +254 727106645
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