updated 12:01 PM MDT, Apr 24, 2017
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Awdal Achievement Award Nominations 2013

Awdal Achievement Award Nominations 2013

Amoud Foundation of Dallas is now accepting nominations for the 2013
Awdal Achievement Award through March 1, 2013.
This award is given each year to a deserving individual, group, or
organization that made a significant contribution to the welfare and
progress of their community. We believe that there are many unsung
heroes out there who did so much for their community without asking
for anything in return. We may never reach all of them, but
recognizing even one of them is worth the effort.

Press Release

Sheikh Gyasi Mckinzie joins Amoud Foundation as Executive Director

Amoud Foundation is pleased to announce the hiring of Sheikh Gyasi Mckinzie as its Executive Director effective December 1, 2010.
Sheikh Mckinzie brings a wealth of knowledge and experience; he holds advanced degrees in Islamic and theological studies from Islamic University at Madinah,
Vanderbilt University, and the Hartford Seminary; he is a proven Islamic community builder with over 10 years of experience as an Imam, Youth Director, Chaplain,
and teacher, providing leadership to Islamic institutions and communities.