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Arab countries Demand Qatar Shutter Al-Jazeera and Cut Ties With Iran to End Diplomatic Row

Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries that have cut ties to Qatar issued a steep list of demands Thursday to end the crisis, insisting that their Persian Gulf neighbor shutter Al-Jazeera, cut back diplomatic ties to Iran and close down a Turkish military base in Qatar.

In a 13-point list — presented to the Qataris by Kuwait, which is helping mediate the crisis — the countries also demand that Qatar sever all ties with the Muslim Brotherhood and with other groups including Hezbollah, al-Qaida and the Islamic State group. The Associated Press obtained a copy of the list in Arabic from one of the countries involved in the dispute.

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain cut ties to Qatar this month over allegations the Persian Gulf country funds terrorism — an accusation that President Donald Trump has echoed. Those countries have now given Qatar 10 days to comply with all of the demands, which include paying an unspecified sum in compensation.

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Barcelona shirts BANNED in Saudi Arabia with possible A$200,000 fine and 15-year prison sentence

Barcelona shirts which feature the Qatar Airways logo are said to be outlawed as tensions between Saudi Arabia and Qatar continue to boil over.

The dramatic law change comes after Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Libya, Yemen and the Maldives sensationally cut off all ties with its neighbour this week after accusing Qatar of supporting extremist groups. Qatar have rejected the claims.

Barcelona sponsor Qatar Airways are one of many Qatari entities blacklisted by Saudi Arabia and fans wearing Lionel Messi or Neymar shirts could become caught in the political crossfire.


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Trump speaks to Saudi King as Gulf crisis deepens

The United States, France and Russian Federation have called for dialogue while Turkey has defended Qatar and said it would further “develop” ties with Doha.

Trump spoke with the emir of Qatar on Wednesday, the White House announced, and “offered to help the parties resolve their differences”, by hosting a meeting if necessary.

President Donald Trump offered Wednesday to personally broker a resolution to the Persian Gulf’s escalating diplomatic crisis, as both he and Qatar looked past his pointed suggestion only a day earlier that the tiny gas-rich nation enables terrorism.

The rating agency said Qatar’s economy would suffer from the decision on Monday of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain to cut diplomatic and transport ties with Doha.

Trump also encouraged unity in the Gulf region with Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud during a telephone call on Tuesday, the White House said. Tillerson told reporters at the State Department shortly before Trump spoke that this blockade is hindering the USA -led military campaign against ISIS, creating hardships for the people of Qatar and “impairing US and other global business activities in the region”.

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Qatar crisis: Is Saudi Arabia supporting terror also?

ONE is a religious extremist who has issued a call for Americans to be killed and another is a former Hamas chief who has been called a “dear guest” in Qatar.

Together, they’re enough reason for seven Gulf nations to turn their backs on Qatar in an unprecedented move.

Having had enough of Qatar not toeing the line, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Libya, Yemen and the Maldives sensationally cut off ties with its wayward neighbour this week.

They accused Qatar of supporting Islamist groups, including some backed by Iran, as well as harbouring extremist groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood.

While Qatar has no doubt supported Islamist and extremist groups, Saudi Arabia is far from innocent. Therein lies the hypocrisy.

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