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Midaynta Community Services “Building Communities”

Midaynta Community Services
"Building Communities"
1992 Yonge Street, Suite 203 Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4S 1Z8 Tel.: (416) 544-1992 Fax: (416) 440-3379
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Toronto Canada - The Midaynta Community Services Board of Directors and staff are sending yearly happy New Year message to Somali Community in Canada and around the world. This year is different because the challenges are numerous for Somali people in Homeland and all parts of the world. The Somali people expect big changes in 2011 that the world community will turn on to solve the Somali problem.

In the meantime, New Year is a wonderful time to reach out to your loved ones and express your heartiest good wishes to them. We have been working hand in hand with all our community members in the Greater Toronto Area and online consultation with others in their respective areas. Let's not only celebrate, but also repent & start afresh. Let us unite the more & let God be with us throughout the New Year.

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Top SNM secret documents to dominate Gadabursi and Darod Page 1 of 2

Page 1 Saylac.com Investigates “Top SNM secret documents to dominate Gadabursi and Darod Page 1 of 2

Page 2 Saylac.com Investigates “Top SNM secret documents to dominate Gadabursi and Darod Page 2 of 2

Thanks to the very close Silaanyo Officials who submitted this Documents to saylac.com. More Secret Documents of Silaanyo agenda rewrite history to come.


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Looking back, Ban calls 2010 ?a big year for the United Nations?

In his end-of-year "state of the world" news conference, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today called 2010 "a big year for the United Nations," with progress on issues from biodiversity to electoral support in Iraq and Afghanistan, but warned of challenges ahead in Sudan, the Middle East and other ...




Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon briefs journalists at end-of-year press conference

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Ohio police, FBI probe woman allegedly harassed, attacked with pepper spray outside mosque

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A 20-year-old immigrant from Somalia said someone assaulted her with pepper spray outside an Ohio mosque and told her to leave the country, spurring investigations by police and likely the FBI.

The woman said she was in her car running errands when a man in a car followed her to the mosque's parking lot on the west side of Columbus on Monday afternoon.

The woman told reporters the man harassed her, swore at her, said she should leave the country and threatened to kill her. He then attacked her with pepper spray, she said.

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Controversial autism researcher tells local Somalis disease is solvable

Andrew Wakefield stands behind his hypothesis that vacinnations are linked to autism, even though other studies have discredited that theory. Wakefield recently visited a group of Minnesota's Somali community to talk about their concerns with autism. (Photo Courtesy of Liban Hussein of Somali MAITV)

Minneapolis — Minnesota Somalis worried about autism rates among their children recently invited controversial British researcher Andrew Wakefield to Minneapolis to talk to their community.

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