updated 1:18 PM MDT, Mar 24, 2017
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Kenya’s crackdown on Somali migrants spells trouble for the economy

Hilary Matfess

The tragic events that took place at Kenya’s Garissa University on Apr. 2, 2015, , in which 147 students were killed by militants linked with al-Shabaab, kick-started another round of xenophobic initiatives proposed in the country’s legislature.

Under president Uhuru Kenyatta’s leadership, the country has taken steps to close the Dabaab refugee camp near the border with Somalia, and forcibly repatriate its inhabitants. Kenyatta has also authorized an uptick in surveillance of Somali communities in Nairobi, and the construction of a “security wall” along the Kenyan-Somali border.

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Kenya backpedals on closure of Somali refugee camp

A third of a million Somali refugees now live in the vast Dadaab complex of camps
NAIROBI,  - Kenya appears to have softened its stance on the imminent closure of a camp hosting more than a third of a million Somali refugees, weeks after the deputy president announced it would happen within three months, as he reacted to the massacre at Garissa University.

“While we are committed to the return of the refugees, you will not see us holding them by the head and tail and throwing them across the border,” Ali Bunow Korane, who chairs Kenya’s Refugee Affairs Commission, said Wednesday.

Korane was addressing a forum where officials from the UN, aid agencies and civil society discussed the implications of closing Dadaab refugee complex, where more than 330,000 Somalis live.

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Soma Completes Processing of Somalia Seismic

Soma Oil & Gas Exploration completed the processing and reprocessing of the acquired 2D seismic data in Somalia acquired by SeaBird Exploration in H1 2014.
The seismic program consisted of over 20,500 km lines of 2D across 114,000 sq km of offshore evaluation acreage.

Soma will provide the processed data to Somalia’sMinistry of Petroleum & Minerals. The processed seismic data will be placed in the Ministry’s data room in Mogadishu, as well as at a data room in London and a virtual data room.

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I never thought I was a foreigner until this injury happened to me -ABDI KADER SHUKRI

ABDI KADER SHUKRI arrived in South Africa in 2003, seeking peace from a war-ravaged Somalia. At 32 years old, Shukri is now confined to a wheelchair after being shot by locals in Cape Town. Despite his struggles, he is determinedly building an organisation to address the plight of disabled Somalis who were injured in senseless attacks. He spoke to Ra’eesa Pather.

I came to South Africa to study, but there was no way to get funding. For one year I worked in a clothing store to put bread on the table. After I left, I had a small amount of cash with friends that we used to open a spaza shop in Nyanga township. That’s how I started working and living in the townships.

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Somalia's al Shabaab kills three officials, former lawmaker in Mogadishu

By Abdi Sheikh and Feisal Omar

MOGADISHU - Somalia's al Shabaab militants killed two city council officials, a former parliamentarian and a senior prison officer in Mogadishu, police and the rebel group said on Sunday.

The al Qaeda-allied group has stepped up its gun and bomb attacks in the Horn of Africa nation over the past week. Six people were killed in an attack on a vehicle carrying U.N. staff in the semi-autonomous Puntland region on Monday, and a suicide bomber killed 10 in a restaurant in Mogadishu on Tuesday.

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